Welcome to Fullervision

Where Artistry, Futurism, and Synchronicity Converge


Fullervision is more than just a platform; it’s a call to action by Our Future.

Co-hosts Gordon Fuller and Kealoha Bower invite you to explore new horizons with the FutureSense Podcast. Dive into inspiring stories and discussions that unveil Visions of a Brilliant Future. Join us as we weave a new social fabric of collaborative intelligence participatory engaged citizens, from the grass roots to the grass tops.

Meet our Team

  • Gordon Fuller
    A visionary, artist, and futurist, Gordon’s unique foresight and philanthropic endeavors shape the essence of Fullervision.
  • Kealoha Gardener
    Bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to any project/endevor, Kealoha co-pilots the journey into the future with Gordon, engaging guests and audiences alike.

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