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Where Artistry, Futurism, and a Sense of Destiny Converge

About Fullervision

Fullervision is more than just a platform; it’s a call to action. Co-hosts Gordon Fuller and Kealoha Bauer invite you to explore new horizons with the FutureSense Podcast. Dive into inspiring stories and discussions that unveil the desires of the future. Join us as we weave a tapestry of potentiality through insights from surveys, comments, and interviews.

Meet Our Team

  • Gordon Fuller: A visionary, artist, and futurist, Gordon’s unique foresight and philanthropic endeavors shape the essence of Fullervision.
  • Kealoha Gardener: Bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion, to any project/endevor, Kealoha co-pilots the journey into the future with Gordon, engaging guests and audiences alike.


Explore our digital realm where artificial intelligence meets human creativity. Fullervision.AI is at the forefront of blending technology with the arts to envision a better tomorrow.

2024 Speaking Series

Join Gordon Fuller in the 2024 Speaking Series, featuring themes from his upcoming book, “A New Age Of Awareness.” Immerse yourself in talks designed to inspire and catalyze your organization into action.


Discover our array of projects, from impactful webinars and workshops to our interactive platforms. Each endeavor is crafted to not only enhance your vision but also to transform your life by igniting the joy of service to our planet and its inhabitants.

Join the Journey

Every contribution helps us foster a global community of change-makers and visionaries.

Engage with Us

Gordon Fuller extends a heartfelt invitation for collaboration and dialogue. Reach out to us to weave your story into this collective journey of foresight and innovation. Together, let’s manifest a world that honors our responsibility as caretakers of Earth and architects of its destiny.

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Fullervision: Answering the Future’s Call

Join us in shaping a world that cherishes our deepest responsibility – to be the children of Earth, caretakers of its legacy, and architects of its destiny.