The PASSAGE SMARTPHONE APP which reads and interprets information received from iBEACONS associated with people, places and/or objects relating to nearby ACCESSIBLE accommodations is available as a BRANDED PRIVATE LABEL APP for your HOTEL and TOURISM BUSINESS.

Since GPS does not reach interiors, the PASSAGE SMARTPHONE APP allows you to ACCURATELY PINPOINT the LOCATION INSIDE the sprawling complexes of our major HOTELS here in HAWAII to REACH and ADVISE GUESTS on the ACCESSIBILITY of the many TOUR PROVIDERS, STORES, RESTAURANTS and TENANTS within their complexes, BROADCAST simple or rich PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to installed apps in real time, from triggering ADVERTISING, PRODUCTIVITY and USERS EXPERIENCE to SECURITY relevant events like disabling or enabling the camera feature or entire apps on your device, making use of ENDPOINT PROTECTOR MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT.

Because 50% of the traveling public carry smartphones and one in six travelers’ impairments require some type of ACCESSIBILITY ACCOMMODATION it is of critical importance that they receive reliable and definitive information about the ACCESSIBILITY OF THEIR ROUTES as well as WAYPOINTS to guide them when visual information is not available. ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION might include textual or graphical information provided by signage, information and guidance to accessible restroom facilities, elevators, ramps and emergency exits.

American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility spend an average of $13.6 billion a year on travel. Creating accessible cruise ships, accessible ship terminals, accessible transportation, and accessible tourist destinations is not charity, it is just good business, according to Dr Scott Rains, US expert on disability. There are 51.2 million people with disabilities in the United States. More than one in six people in this country are potential customers for businesses that are accessible to people with disabilities. Four million people turn 50 each year and they are spending 400 billion per year, are they spending it with you? One in five people in Hawaii lives with accessibility issues, are you reaching them? Are you social enough? Help promote your accessible customer services, accessible tours, events, facilities and businesses to those who need them most.

Radioactive Gavin Interview with Gordon Fuller

Gordon Fuller Legally Blind Visionary

I recently found an interview from 2009 when I lived in Idaho and was advocating on behalf of the accessibility community there. The issues are the same, as are the villains, however the Obama administration hasn’t turned out to be as advertised. Sorry I had anything to do with it.

Here is a direct link to Gavins summary of the interview on his wordpress page,

though the link seems to be broken or not work for me and he hasn’t posted anything new in a few years. Gavin is still active on his twitter page
You need to visit Kauai brother!

Looking back now, I can see that my passion has not diminished, though I tend to use less expletives.
The contents of this link has been rated PG-13 for cussing out corporados. $@*#